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90min Mobility & Alignment Workshop II with Wing

04/12/2021 3:15 PM

Take your WeBarre workout to the next level in this 90min Mobility and Alignment Workshop II led by Wing. 

Leave with improved posture, better mobility and a deeper understanding of using the correct muscles to get more out of your exercises in class. 
Taking an anatomical approach, this workshop will consist of a series of strength and mobility exercises and will guide you to discover heightened body awareness and give you the lasting knowledge to help you move more efficiently. This is an intermediate-level workshop and you'll find best results if you've been taking classes for a minimum of 1 year.

Mobility &  Alignment Workshop I focused on shoulders, upper back and hips. Part II of this workshop will focus on how to effectively engage the spine and hips. You are welcome to participate in part II of the workshop without having attended part I. 

In addition to being a WeBarre instructor, Wing is also a NASM-certified personal trainer. 

*2 credits to book

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Fully Vaccinated 90 Min Ho Ho at the Barre with Heike

12/12/2021 11:00 AM

It's our annual Christmas-themed 90 Min Mega Barre! 2 credits to book or 2 days off your Monthly Unlimited pass.